Travel Stories

Adventures to the four
corners of the globe!

Carefree travel

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New horizons

Traveling means getting out of your comfort zone and discovering the world.

Travel stories

Travel stories

Some travelers’ stories inspire you to set off on an adventure.

Travel inspirations

Find inspiration for your next destination.

Travel adventures

Enjoy the thrill of unforgettable experiences as you explore breathtaking landscapes.

Travel Essentials

Essentials to pack for well-prepared adventures

Backpacking adventures

Backpacking adventures

Discover the world with a minimum of constraints.

Long road trip

Long road trip

A long road trip gives you the chance to experience some great moments.

Beach breaks

Beach breaks

Check out the activities on offer during your seaside holidays.

Solo travel

Introspective, inspiring travel

Whether you love nature, relaxation, or culture, find your ideal destination.

Solo travelers can enjoy an introspective and inspiring trip to Vietnam. This Southeast Asian country abounds in magnificent landscapes, such as the mountains of the north, the rice terraces and Halong Bay. Take advantage of your getaway to immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture by visiting temples and traditional villages.

Looking for a change of scenery? Choose Morocco as your destination for your next solo holiday. This country has some wonderful surprises in store for you: imperial cities, classy mountains, and the Sahara desert.

Smart travel

Traveling on a budget

The secrets of budget travel

Depending on the cost of living, the tourist season, the exchange rate, etc., some destinations are more expensive than others. You can find the best deals by researching a country’s standard of living and comparing the cost of accommodation, flights, activities, and transport.

The best way to reduce your vacation budget is to travel out of season. As well as saving money, you’ll be able to avoid the crowds and enjoy a peaceful vacation.

Natural wonders and hidden gems when traveling

  • Halong Bay in Vietnam
  • Grand Canyon in the USA
  • Northern Lights in Scandinavia
  • Mont-Saint-Michel in France

The globe-trotter's table

Gastronomic adventures in unknown lands

Peruvian ceviche

Peruvian ceviche

Prepare ceviche, a refreshing Peruvian dish.

Vietnamese banh mi

Vietnamese banh mi

This Vietnamese sandwich is easy to prepare and personalize.

Turkish dolma

This dish is a blend of rice, minced meat, herbs, and spices.